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Why Outsource?

In-house sampling may not be working for your business for a number of reasons. If any of the issues below are affecting you, outsourcing to SampleRite could provide the solution.


On average it takes approximately 25 minutes to complete a non hazardous and 50 minutes for a hazardous sample, including decant, labeling and paperwork. Depending on the salary of the employee(s) involved and the number of samples despatched, labour costs can quickly add up. It is also often the case where sampling is part of someone’s job (e.g. Chemists, warehouse staff) and as a result may detract from their core role within the organisation.


Sampling is not a core function for most chemical manufacturers and distributors. Therefore sourcing a range of sample packaging in terms of size, materials etc. can be problematic and expensive. SampleRite stocks a wide range of packaging options to meet every possible need and legislation.

Lost Sales

Getting samples to customers quickly and before your competition is crucial in turning samples into orders. In-house sampling may not provide a fast enough service, resulting in the risk of your competitors getting samples in first and ultimately winning the business.


Many companies do not have a reporting facility for sample activity. This makes it difficult to follow up on samples and runs the risk of missed opportunities. SampleRite provides a monthly report of sample activity which can benefit management, sales teams, marketing departments and product managers.

Stock Management and Waste

Managing sample stocks effectively is crucial in minimising waste. In-house sampling can often result in part containers which are redundant for sale, compromised product quality and stock which is out of shelf life. SampleRite works closely with clients to ensure stocks are managed efficiently taking into consideration the needs of the business (e.g. product launch/withdrawal), and therefore keeping waste and disposal costs to a minimum.

Internal Administration

Processing a sample request, including order entry and arranging transport takes time. SampleRite offers an online ordering system, which can reduce time and therefore costs involved in administration. A confirmation email is sent when an order is both received and despatched, eliminating the need for chasing colleagues internally for updates on sample progress.


Sending samples can create problems with paperwork, labeling, customs and excessive transport costs, particularly on hazardous products. Sampling is our core business and as a result we are able to pass on our expertise and competitive transport rates.

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