CO2 Dry-Ice Germany (

Dry ice has many industry uses and is very versatile. Dry ice is flexible as a cooling medium in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry. Furthermore, it is increasingly being used for the cleaning of industrial plants after the blasting process. To meet the growing demand in this segment and the highest Quality standards. CO2 Dry-Ice is produced using the most up to date Swiss technology.

The qualification and commitment of the employees as well as their commitment to the highest customer satisfaction, guarantee the success of the company and its development.

CO2 Dry-Ice Germany opens up new markets and technologies and takes a responsible approach to safety, environmental protection and resources.

CO2 Dry-Ice Germany is the leading company of Dry ice products. It is located next to Dusseldorf airport, for easy transportation.

Customers using CO2 Dry-Ice have seen the quality of their products and services improve, increasing their success in their markets.


Pellets 3mm

Dry ice pellets are widely used for the process of “dry ice blasting”. They are also used for cooling various products on longer transport routes in Styrofoam containers.

Nuggets 16mm

Dry ice nuggets are used as a coolant on longer transport routes, mostly in insulated containers. They are also suitable for producing dry ice mist in special dry ice fog machines

Disks / Blocks 150 mm x 150 mm x 20-65 mm (L x W x H)

Primarily used in airline catering to keep food and beverages cool and to maintain the cold chain. Also used in retail for the transport of frozen products.

Dry ice discs of 20 mm Thickness are also available as single packs with “Warnings” for handling Dry ice.

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